Salt Products



You will find a new face at the Garden. Of course salt products.


          Sea salt or sea salt is familiar to many people and is generally seen as the salt coast. Which has sold some bags to sack some popular, some people take cooking to add flavor to a greater gusto. Salt is not just the cooking, only But how many people know that salt can be used to add value to the products that we use in everyday life. Product into a showpiece of Phetchaburi province. And also the concept of value for their products to the total local wisdom. As income to the community.

          Today, those rocks will bring friends to see the wonders of the salt sea "TURBINE gold" T. Kaeo Ban Laem district, Petchaburi he be preserved. Made sea salt spa The client helps scrub stains skin and allows moisture in. With a lot more. The normal salt, but Japanese He took the polished surface. Now let us see sea salt, Thailand. The city with the most salt in Thailand, we, with features that not only scrubs. Stimulate dead skin cells. Also helps to relax with a warm sea brine. To relax from the fatigue of walking all day.

          In addition, turbine Golden House for a large. Which was adapted into an occupation turbine gold salts. Sea salt massage, spa, traditional Thai massage, foot massage and processed products as OTOP village and then with in.. Chance exactly at those rocks to demonstrate that they have the foot massage. The Village Stone Massage own try please,, starting from your feet with salt water. Then massage with aromatic oils relax fatigue. Followed by press point Timber with a small 26 point relaxation (I say he `s) do not know how to spot anything, but know that, extremely comfortable in. I have to go and foot massage. We came to know that the sea salt scrub is used at each bit different in..

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